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Released 2006
Once upon a time. A Dude, a Geek, and a Beauty happen to meet. As it always happens, the dude gets the beauty. And the geek is heartbroken. Many years later, they happen to meet again. And the biggest con in the history of romance begins. Jaan-e-mann is a story of these three characters. Their secrets. Love. Relationships. Sacrifices. Joy. Pain. And the drama that unfolds when all their secrets are out in the open. Jaan-e-mann in an intense romantic drama, with a roller coaster of laughs and tears.
Cast & Credits
Star Cast
Salman Khan
Akshay Kumar
Preity Zinta
Anupam Kher
Aman Verma
Jawed Sheikh
Soni Razdan
Nawwab Shah
Rajesh Balwani
Priyanka Shenoy

Produced by
Sajid Nadiadwala

Written,Edited & Directed by
Shirish Kunder

Director of Photography
Sudeep Chatterjee

Director of Art
Sabu Cyril

Director of Choreography
Farah Khan

Music Composer
Anu Malik


Music Arranger & Background Score
G.V. Prakash Kumar

Mahendra Verma

Jitendra Chaudhary

Publicity Designers
Himanshu & Rahul Nanda

Costume Designer
Surily Goel

Production Executive
Prakash Upadhyay

Creative Consultant

American unit
Producer's Consultant
Prashant Shah
Bollywood Hollywood Production

Prodution team
Ms.Elizabeith Shah

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Bloom, New York
Port Authority Of New York
NJ-Valerie Roberts,
Newark Liberty International Airport
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